Some of our photos

About Our Website

This website contains over 5,000 photos and 100 videos.

The best feature of this website is the ability to quickly add photos or videos without having to do any website development work.

We just upload our photos and videos to our free cloud services (OneDrive, Drive, DropBox, or Box), then perform a Download function from this website, and the new photos and videos show up.

Another nice feature is the ability to add captions to specific pictures so you can describe the picture in words to people viewing the photos.

In addition, we can link a photos to another website. This is great for linking to recipes or YouTube videos.

Using our iPhone or iPad, we can take a 1 minute video and 4 or 5 photos, then create a nice movie with music. Then upload it to our cloud service and download it to this website, all in less than 15 minutes.

So, enjoy this website and if you want additional information try our Contact Page.