Some of our photos

Welcome To Janet & Pat's Website

The purpose of this site is:

     1. To display the 5,000+ Photos & Videos we've saved.

     2. To display a family tree for Janet & Pat.

     3. To display things like recipes, interesting videos, and links to fun stuff.

     4. To entertain the viewers of this site.

The last names have been left out to protect the rest of our family and friends.

This website is a little different than your typical website. You start by clicking the Photos or Videos button on the Main Menu Bar. Two additional menu bars show up.

     1. The Left-Side-Navigation-Bar displays forward menus (menus you haven't been to).

     2. The Alternate-Navigation-Bar (horizontal bar just below the Main-Menu-Bar) displays the menu items you came from.

You should NEVER use the Back-Arrow button (top left corner of browser window) to go back one page. Instead, select the next to last menu item in the alternate-navigation-bar to get back to where you just came from.

You can NOT Copy/Paste any of the Photos or Videos pages, and expect it to contain that contents when you paste it somewhere.

The reason this website is non-typical, is so we can easily update this website from our iPhone or iPad using a few free apps.

The About Page goes into more detail about this website.